i never wanted to get personal or political here, but it has to be said. shit is going down.

last night, i watched a live stream of people on the police force using tear gas, shooting rubber bullets, and ARRESTING people at DTLA Art Walk. for over an hour, i was petrified. it started out as chalking a block of sidewalk (with washable chalk), like any other art-related activity going on downtown every second Thursday. and it turned into this:

(@OccupyLA‘s twitter feed)

Art Walk is a completely free, monthly, dynamic, all ages event with tons of swag, artsy parties, and drinks going around. i go pretty often, and i’m sure you know people who would, too. so when i saw this feed, I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. Art Walk is not an #Occupy event. it is full of innocent bystanders, families, freakin’ kids! i was worried for their safety and, naturally, sent the news out on any social media platform i could.

but as of 2250, 07/12/2012, this is the only “mainstream media” on it:

…over an HOUR after the tweets started.

what if there had been a tsunami or a collapsed bridge? there should be no bureaucratic/legal/professional excuse for that amount of time. this is the NEW MEDIA REVOLUTION. i can check my friends’ Foursquare or Facebook and text anyone there about it in 30 seconds. from my Blackberry. my BLACKBERRY.

here’s where i got a live stream (complete with a live chat):

i never thought i’d say this, but I CAN’T WAIT for the time when everyone goes straight to sources like this for their news. this is the information age. shit goes fast. fact of life. and yet our “most reliable” news teams don’t seem capable of informing anyone of AN OBVIOUSLY DANGEROUS SITUATION quickly enough for them to get out of the crossfire? if you’re not going to use all the networks, portable devices, and applications to make communications BETTER, we sold our souls to our cell phones for nothing.

i don’t care how “insane” it is that a riot started over chalk. or about how you think the police are fascist, or that the Occupiers are instigators. those are real people out there. people shooting bullets, people throwing bottles, people getting hurt. it was a bunch of REAL PEOPLE calling each other animals who made the decision to let this happen. and used it as an excuse to let it continue.

i’m taking this as a lesson. it’s the agendas of OTHERS (be they your employer, your peers, or some random CEO) that end up fucking you over. learn how to use the tech yourself, and take control of your own life. stop supporting mainstream media. stop relying on corporate sites. show them that you know they aren’t doing their jobs. stop listening to them; they don’t have your back. 



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