get out!: celebrating SoCal’s great outdoors

it’s summer! which means it’s time to rub Southern California’s complete lack of seasons in everybody else’s faces. if you’ve got a free morning, use it! explore the softer side of LA with a stress-free, nature-filled hike through some local wilderness (you know, that sort of green-ish, ill-lit stuff off in the distance you can kind of see from the highway).

here are a few classic trails — for any experience level!

one of SoCal’s most popular (with good reason!): Mishe Mokwa Trail to Tri-Peaks and Sandstone Peak, 6-7 miles
for spectacular views, close to home: Griffith Park stargazing trails, over 10 miles to choose from
a fun trip to one of Malibu’s most epic waterfalls: Escondido Falls hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, ~4 miles
lots of interesting destinations and sights along the way (including falls and ruins!): Solstice Canyon, ~6 miles
short, family-friendly, and blooming!: Eaton Canyon falls hike, ~3.5 miles
PLUS! the view you thought was illegal: hike behind the Hollywood sign, ~4 miles

so grab your Nikes, bring plenty of water, and GET SOME SUN.

need company? find public hiking and wilderness events on the LA Mountains calendar here.
check out a complete SoCal trail map here.

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