earn those calories!: food freebies

i bet all those ripped-ass track stars at the London Olympics really make you wanna stuff your face with fat for absolutely no good reason, right? RIGHT???

SO, in honor of Chinatown Summer Nights’ DIM SUM EATING COMPETITION this Saturday, we’re taking a look at some of the most famous eating challenges in the city. it’s a familiar format: finish your meal, and you get the food free (sometimes even a t-shirt and a place on the Wall of Shame Fame). now go make your mama proud.

Orochon Ramen, Downtown: SPECIAL #2 
extra spicy ramen / 30 min. / Wall of Bravery

Coolhaus TruckSKYSCRAPER 
five-layer ice cream sandwich / $20 value / no time limit

Grill ‘Em All Truck: the ANNIHILATOR (off menu)
3-4 lb. quintuple-bacon-french fried-bbq-cheeseburger / $40 value / no time limit

6-lb. burrito / $20 value / 45 min. / free t-shirt / 50% off future purchases / must notify in advance (info@whiterabbittruck.com)

Sushi Delight, Lomita: GODZILLA ROLL 
6 lb. of sushi + house sauce / $35 value / 1 hr. / includes free t-shirt

Sunset Deli, Hollywood: MONSTER 
3-lb. sandwich / free t-shirt / sandwich of your choice added to the menu

Dan’s Super Subs, Woodland Hills: MEGA EATING CHALLENGE 
two jumbo subs / 1 hr. / Facebook Hall of Fame

one of every drink on the menu / free shirt + named engraved on Blackout Champions Plaque

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