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if i were you: 10/02/2013

so i was bluffing. there are going to be a couple more of these.


if i were you 09/18/2013

this will be a Saturday to remember. get in on it here.

if i were you: 09/11/2013

if i were you: 09/04/2013

hello world!
gear yourselves up for another typically eventful week in the City of Angels. sigh. tough life.
check out my list here.

if i were you: 08/28/2013

if i were you: 08/21/2013

TOPLESS DAY this weekend (among other things). if that doesn’t get you out of the house, i don’t know what will.
no seriously.
get out.
here’s the list.

if i were you: 08/14/2013